About us

ET STS LTD is a professional accounting and insurance office offering a full range of services in the field of accounting, insurance, mortgage and all administrative matters related to benefits, translation, etc. Our office is legally registered in HMRC and we have accounting rights and full insurance. Over 10 years of experience of accountants in our accounting office allows, in accordance with current regulations, to optimize tax receivables, settlements and provide all support regarding insurance and credit consulting as well as assistance in current official matters, both a company and a private person.

About company

Thorough education of employees and continuous improvement of qualifications is a guarantee for our clients trouble-free accounting and ongoing resolution of our clients' matters. We provide full security and discretion of services rendered. We are members of the Accountants Association in the UK. So far, over 250 entrepreneurs have trusted us, and countless private individuals. We provide accounting services in every field and for everyone, however, we specialize in drivers and real estate leasing companies (buy to let). By following us on Instagram, you can deepen your knowledge of many different topics.

Years of experience

Our company has 10 years experience in accounting.

Great Customer Service

Our clients' satisfaction is our calling card. Last year, we issued over 300 regular customer cards. We invite you to work with us.