House Insurance


Accidental damage

This is one of the most popular and, as the term suggests, covers any damage to your property and its belongings as the result of a sudden, unexpected and non-deliberate action. Spilling red wine on your brand new carpet could be one such example.

Alternative accommodation

This comes into play if your property suddenly becomes uninhabitable as the result of an issue such as flooding, fire, subsidence or damage caused by a storm.

Bicycle cover

Many households own a bike or two, and chances are they’re worth a fair bit of money. Bicycle insurance covers the loss, theft or damage to you or your family’s bikes. Some insurers only cover bikes if they’re stolen from your home or a locked garage as standard. This means you’ll need to specify whether you want to include cover away from home to insure your bike is covered when you’re out and about.

Home emergency cover

This covers you for situations in which you need the quick assistance of a tradesperson, such as a burst pipe or your boiler breaks down. As well as a 24-hour emergency helpline, home emergency protection tends to cover the cost of the call-out, labour and any materials used by that tradesperson for repairs.

Legal protection

Legal protection, also known as family legal protection, protects you against the cost of being sued in an event such as someone getting injured on your property. It may also cover you in other situations where a solicitor’s help is needed. For example, disputes involving noisy neighbours, boundary disagreements, or damage to the property where no-one has admitted liability.

Protected no-claims bonus

This additional cover will safeguard your no claims bonus. By paying a bit extra, in the event that you have to make a claim your no-claims bonus won’t be lost.

Personal possessions cover

If you take certain valuable items outside of your home, which aren’t covered by your home contents policy, then personal possessions cover can be quite handy. It will insure your personal belongings against loss, accidental damage or theft when you step out the front door. Common items to insure include jewellery, mobile phones, wallets/purses, laptops and tablets.