Pension payment request – additional pension


This package includes:

– Creating a PTA (Personal Tax Account) account

– Presentation of the statement on pensions, eligible years and

amount of earned pension.

– Filing an application for payment of Pension – an additional pension paid from

any payout


IMPORTANT: Pension payments can be made after the age of 55, even if

you are  working and you can apply for it. You can also connect

all amounts in different companies and only make the payment in full.

(additional fee of £ 10 per company for moving). Every year Рin one year

tax – you can make a one-off payment amount exempt from

tax in the amount of 25% of the account value. If the client requests the payment of the whole amount

then a tax will be charged on the remaining amount of 75% of the account value. Amount


this tax is at least 20%. If the customer in the payment year does not exceed the amount

tax-free – you will be able to recover the tax the following year

previous in the form of a tax refund.

We are not Pension advisors in accordance with applicable regulations however

During the payment of Pension we help with such an adviser to contact in order

submit a withdrawal option.

After making the payment, please fill out the contact form and

attach attachments. After making the payment and receiving the form

we will contact you to supplement the information.