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private and business customer When I came to ET STS LTD I wanted to close my business. The clutter in papers and extraordinary fees for accounting meant that I had enough of running a business. Ela not only showed me how all this can be simple and much cheaper, but also helped me privately. I highly recommend it.


private and business customer We are very pleased with the scope of services and the level of these services. Each of the ladies from the office tries to help us whenever we need it and they support us both privately and in business. I recommend this office with my wife.


LTD driver I have been running the company for a year and I am very pleased with ET STS LTD. I was very fairly explained to my rights and obligations as both the owner of the company and its employee. Invoices and payrolls are issued systematically and I can contact them whenever I need it. All my doubts, questions and riddles are solved instantly thanks to the knowledge and experience of the Ladies. Thanks to regular, even invoicing, there are no hidden fees and additional costs. And thanks to the loyalty card and referrals, I still have additional discounts on my monthly invoice. I would highly recommend


business customer I have been accounting for Mrs. Ela for several years and I can say she is reliable and specific person who knows how accounting works. I am glad that the business developing and I highly recommend it to everyone.


individual customer I came to ET STS LTD as my life was in disarray. The girls not only helped me to arrange any support, but gave me a lot of wise and reliable information. I can not repay them for the rest of my life. I recommend I recommend and recommend again.